Association for Training on Trauma and Attachment in Children

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Shelia Frick, OTR/L

TRE from a Developmental Sensory-Motor Perspective 

Daniel Hill, PhD

Relational trauma and the Clinical Realm of Hyper- and Hypo-arousal 

1E: The Impact of Trauma on Development: The Neurosequential Perspective

Kaysi Rinks & Leslie Wiss | Great Circle, MO

1 & 2 F: Trauma & Attachment: Effective Treatment Interventions

Dr. Terry Levy

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2C: DIR/Floortime and Sensory Processing in Attachment Intervention

Maude Le Roux, OTR/L | A Total Approach

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3E: Providing Services to LGBTQ Youth: Understanding the Impact of Societal Homophobia

Cindy Downey & Michael Migura, LCDC | Cenpatico

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4 & 5 B: Assessing Parent Attachment Style in the Home Study Process

Abbie Smith, LCSW | Holt International Children’s Services

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4 & 5 D: How to Obtain Services from Schools and Prepare for IEP Meetings

Neal Takiff, JD & Jennifer Hansen, JD | Whitted Takiff + Hansen, LC

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4 & 5 F: Attachment-Focused Treatment with Adult Clients

Craig Clark, MFT | Attachment Center of Monterey Bay

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6F: Would Have, Could Have, Should Have: Helping Parents and Children Enjoy the Life They Have and Work Through their Mutually Complicating Wishes, Frustrations and Disappointments

Michael Blugerman, MSW, MCAPCT, ATTACh President & Chester Smithm M.Ed, LPC

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6G: Intergeneration Transmission of Trauma: Does Prenatal Life Offer an Opportunity?

Rebecca Molitor, LCPC; Delreen Schmidt-Lenz, LCSW; Michael Trout

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7G: My Heart is Cracked: Helping Adopted Children Grieve Losses

Cynthia Agbayani, PhD | Lifeworks Outreach Services

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7 & 8 C: Theraplay®: Attachment-based Play for Children and Parents

7 & 8 F: Using Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy with Traumatized Adopted Children and their Families

Lois A. Ehrmann, PhD, LPC, NCC, Registered ATTACh Clinician, Certified IFS Therapist

8D: Creating a Trauma Informed Classroom

Nickie Steinhoff | Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition

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