Association for Training on Trauma and Attachment in Children

teaching the world to heal


ATTACh strives for a world where every child has secure attachment relationships.


ATTACh provides training to parents and professionals to promote healthy attachment and heal trauma.


  • ATTACh values an interdisciplinary membership of professionals and families who care about healthy attachment and are dedicated to helping those with attachment difficulties.
  • ATTACh expects clinical and professional members to operate within their respective code of ethics and non-clinical members to exercise good judgment based on the best interest of the child and family.
  • ATTACh promotes a continuum of services to enhance the quality of attachments ranging from primary prevention and education to specialized treatments.
  • ATTACh respects a diverse spectrum of intervention models designed to build and strengthen attachments.
  • ATTACh believes therapeutic interventions should be based on sound differential diagnoses.
  • ATTACh encourages research, education and collaboration to continually increase knowledge of and improvement in attachment theory.